Learn how VoiceGear gateways for Skype can be used to implement various business solutions that will bring tremendous value and fast ROI to any business.
Minimize Expenses on Long Distance Communication
So what is free with VoiceGear?
  • FREE calls to any Skype user worldwide

  • FREE communication between all offices worldwide

  • FREE calls from websites to reduce 1-800 expenses

  • FREE phone lines to add to PBX and replace expensive landlines (no monthly fees)

What else will cut expenses?
  • ELIMINATE mobile long distance costs

  • ULTRA CHEAP international calling with SkypeOut

  • AVOID roaming fees for global communication between head office and mobile employees

No Contracts
Did you know that you can reap the great benefits of VoIP, without the need to commit to any contracts? All VoIP providers are trying to get you into a contract, whether it is Vonage, Primus, Babytel, etc. This becomes an unnecessary monthly expense. VoiceGear is different. It is designed to quickly connect to any existing phone system and save instantaneously without any commitments. Skype accounts are free of charge.
Don't Replace Anything
Are you hesitant to forklift your entire phone system to replace it with a VoIP provider's equipment? A lot of our clients are as well! VoiceGear will seamlessly integrate with your existing office phone system, whether it is analog, digital, VoIP or hybrid. PLUG AND PLAY WITHIN 10 MINUTES!

Free and Easy Interoffice Interaction
Are you paying for calls between your offices? You shouldn’t be paying for calling your other offices. It is an unnecessary expense that’s easy to eliminate. It doesn’t matter if you are calling a different municipality, city, province or country. Free worldwide interoffice communication is easy with VoiceGear.

How to Boost Your Online Sales
Want to make it easy for your customers to buy your products? Interested in providing 370 million Skype users the ability to contact your sales or customer service with a click of a button? The more conveniently we can service our customers the higher the sales. Wouldn’t you agree? With VoiceGear, over 370 million online Skype users will contact you directly from your website. For instance, a casual online browser in China could receive instantaneous information about your products from a live sales representative by a click of a button on your website. MAXIMIZE THE EASE OF INTERACTION WITH YOUR CLIENTS! BOOST YOUR SALES REVENUE!
Stay Close to Your Staff, Customers, Suppliers and Partners
What if you could instantaneously contact the people who are important to your business? With VoiceGear you and your staff always stay connected with each other and your other key people who are important to your business. With VoiceGear, you can instantaneously connect to your key people in your organization by a click of a single button on your desk phone. STAY CLOSE TO THE KEY PEOPLE THAT GROW YOUR BUSINESS!
Security is Peace of Mind
Do you have concerns about security due to Skype’s chat and file transfer features? Worry no more! VoiceGear is different. It runs Skype in a controlled environment. Instead of using Skype on the desktop computers, employees can use their existing desk phones. MAKES SKYPE USE SECURE!

Connect Your Mobile Employees
Tired of unnecessary mobile roaming? Are your mobile employees still making unnecessary expensive phone calls to the home office? With VoiceGear your employees can easily contact your office for free with their Wi-Fi phone or directly from their laptop. In addition, employees can access company phone book via the Internet.

The Perfect Remote Office
Do you have remote employees? You want to maximize the productivity of your staff and in some cases provide them with the opportunity to work from the comfort of their home. Your sales and customer service representatives can now work from the comfort of their home office. They can easily login into the company PBX via VoiceGear. So how do you track the productivity of your sales staff? VoiceGear offers peace of mind to you as a manager as well. Productivity may be easily monitored through advanced call and line monitoring features keeping you up to date with the flow of your business.
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