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IndustryDynamics is committed to delivering innovative products and services to the hands of our consumers on time and on budget.

IndustryDynamics is a privately owned corporation with head offices located in Toronto, Canada. We offer a complete line of Skype and VoIP products and solutions for SMB and enterprise markets. Building on top of the strength of our world-class team, we strive to provide the best possible products and innovative solutions in order to achieve the most compelling customer experience. Our rapid growth is attributed to continuous focus on customer needs and product innovation.

IndustryDynamics manufactures two lines of products:

Skype Gateways for Business - Our lineup of VoiceGear Skype gateways allows for seamless integration of Skype services into any office phone system. VoiceGear SkyBridge is specifically designed for the needs of small and medium size businesses who want to take advantage of Skype calling to reduce costs and improve communication between employees, customers and suppliers.

VoiceGear Connect Enterprise Skype gateways are equipped with latest Internet voice technologies for delivering unparalleled voice quality for your daily business communications. All our VoiceGear gateways for Skype can be integrated directly with your existing telephone PBX systems without a need to change or replace the existing infrastructure.

Skype Consumer Products - Our Skype phones are both easy to use and comfortable to operate. Their aesthetically pleasing design makes them a great addition to your home or office. Other Skype accessories such as phone adapters and diverters bring the power of Skype communication directly to your desktop and mobile phones.

At IndustryDynamics, customer satisfaction is our biggest priority.

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