VoiceGear Conference Voice Mate

Free Internet Conference Calling!
VoiceGear Conference Voice Mate is a conference speakerphone geared towards groups of Skype users. Whether you need to make a business conference call or simply enjoy Internet calling hands free, Conference Voice Mate will be a perfect fit. With its commercial-grade speaker and built-in DSP for echo cancellation and noise reduction, Conference Voice Mate delivers an amazing sound quality that rivals devices more then triple its cost.

In addition to Skype, Conference Voice Mate also supports other popular Internet call providers including Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Voice on both Windows and Apple platforms.


  • Unlimited long distance calling in North America with a SkypeOut plan
  • High quality multidirectional speakerphone with a built-in amplifier providing near CD voice quality
  • Provided earphone for private conversations
  • Built-in DSP for echo cancellation and noise reduction
  • Quick and easy setup, connects to any computer using a USB cable and doesn't require a power outlet
  • Aesthetically elegant and lightweight design which is perfect for traveling
  • Fully compatible with Skype, Windows Live, Yahoo Messenger, X-Lite, VoIPBuster, Vonage clients
  • Fully compatible with both Macs and PCs


  • Place and receive hands free Internet calls with amazing voice quality
  • Use the Conference Voice Mate as a speaker to listen to music while traveling
  • Take advantage of conference calling with an integrated high quality speakerphone

Example Uses

  • You want to hold a conference call via Internet and be able to invite multiple stakeholders. With VoiceGear Conference Voice Mate, you can make this as simple as a reguler phone call, simply connect the station to the computer, dial remote contact and enjoy the conference.


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  • Phone base: Built-in speakerphone with a powered ampfilier
  • Voice quality: Echo cancellation and noise reduction with a built-in soundcard and DSP
  • Sampling rate: 48KHz sampling rate providing near CD quality sound
  • Controls: Easy access volume and direction based mute controls
  • Compatibility: Compatible with USB1.1/2.0 standards
  • Certification: FCC certified for home and/or office use, CE mark
  • RoHS: RoHS compliant
  • System requirements: Windows 2000/XP or MacOSX, 400MHz CPU, USB port, Internet connection

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