02-02-2009 - Sangoma Announces Partnership With IndustryDynamics, Powers Integrated Gateway for Skype

TORONTO, ONTARIO, February 2, 2009 -- Sangoma(R) Technologies Corporation (TSX VENTURE:STC), the premium provider of software centric media and signal processing hardware, today announced it has partnered with IndustryDynamics, manufacturers of an integrated Skype gateway appliance powered by Sangoma voice cards.

IndustryDynamics, makers of VoiceGear, offers an integrated Skype gateway that is entirely plug-and-play into the Internet and PBX, supporting a variety of analog, digital, SIP, and Hybrid PBX systems. The feature set includes free long distance, Click-to-Call by pushing a button on the website, and the ability to send SMS messages through Skype.

With an ROI in two to six months, and the potential to reduce corporation communication costs by 90%, this partnership promises a great business value in this tough economy.

Sangoma hardware is the linchpin to the value proposition, because reducing costs isn't an effective solution without retaining flawless communication quality. "We're very happy about Sangoma hardware performance," said Peter Litovsky, sales director for IndustryDynamics.

"Decision makers are hesitant to replace phone equipment. This solution helps them retain their past investment in equipment, and adds great value-giving them Skype from existing phone lines without sacrificing any quality," added Litovsky.

For mobile workforces, this integrated gateway eliminates mobile roaming by allowing them to contact home office from anywhere in the world, where Skype is available. For $2.95 USD per month, there's nothing comparable in the marketplace. The cost drops even further, to $2.50 per month, for buying a year in advance.

"There's also an unlimited world plan, which is $10 per month, available in over 30 countries," said Litovsky. "That includes Europe, China, Hong Kong, and South America."

About Sangoma Technologies Corporation
Sangoma is the premium provider of software-centric media and signal processing hardware. The company develops and manufactures the most scalable and reliable voice and Wide Area Network data cards in the industry, including the award-winning Advanced Flexible Telecommunications (AFT) product line. By offering the building blocks for all processing in any architecture, Sangoma gateways are tightly integrated and easily scalable. The result is a comprehensive toolset for creating cost-effective, powerful, and flexible solutions. Founded in 1984, Sangoma Technologies Corporation is publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX VENTURE:STC). Additional information on Sangoma can be found at: www.sangoma.com.

About IndustryDynamics
IndustryDynamics offers a complete line of Skype™ and VoIP products for consumer, SMB, and enterprise markets. Building on top of the strength of its world-class team, IndustryDynamics strives to provide the best possible products and innovative solutions in order to achieve the most compelling customer experience. Rapid growth of IndustryDynamics is attributed to continuous focus on customer needs and product innovation. Founded in 2005, IndustryDynamics is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.
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