19-02-2008 - Introducing VoiceGear SkyBridge Communicator Gateway

TORONTO, ONTARIO, February 19, 2008 -- IndustryDynamics today announced VoiceGear™ SkyBridge Communicator, a new generation cost effective Skype™-to-PBX gateway that seamlessly integrates with existing office PBX systems. Businesses can now use any office phone to make and receive free Skype™ to Skype™ and ultra cheap international calls over the world's largest Internet communication network.

VoiceGear™ SkyBridge Communicator is a Skype™ Certified solution that eliminates the need to use a PC to make Skype™ calls, requires a very low upfront investment, and can typically provide a ROI of just a few months. Skype™ itself requires no contract and has no signup or monthly access fees. Calls to other Skype™ users are free, while SkypeOut™ calls to landline or mobile phone numbers are charged at very low rates.

"The vision behind introducing SkyBridge Communicator is to provide a low-cost option for VoIP enablement of analog PBX systems, deliver significant cost savings as well as improve employee collaboration and efficiency. A typical small business can usually achieve savings of 30-90% off their monthly long-distance bill by using SkyBridge." said Peter Litovsky, director of sales at IndustryDynamics.

VoiceGear™ SkyBridge Communicator adds up to four incoming/outgoing Skype™ lines to an existing PBX system without requiring any changes to the office telephony equipment already deployed. When integrated with a PBX, the gateway enables you to take advanced PBX features such as IVR, conference calling, call forwarding or call transfer and seamlessly add them to your Skype calls. Companies with branch offices can set up multiple SkyBridge gateways and enjoy completely free communication between satellite offices anywhere in the world.

Main features of VoiceGear™ SkyBridge Communicator include:
  • Unique Skype Hunt Group Account with automatic call distribution, enabling remote employees, partners and customers to reach any extension within the company simply by dialing a single Skype™ account or SkypeIn™ phone number.
  • Skype Trunking, enabling anyone in the company with access to a phone to make long-distance and international phone calls to any phone number utilizing ultra-low SkypeOut™ rates or contact any Skype™ user absolutely free.
  • Web site "Click to Call", allowing to receive incoming sales or support calls on any internal PBX extension directly from visitors on the company Web site via Skype™.
  • Trunk-side connectivity to the PBX with support for up to 4 concurrent calls, allowing to connect VoiceGear™ SkyBridge Communicator to any analog, VoIP, or hybrid PBX system with available trunk-side analog ports.
  • Enhanced Security, allowing to bypass all security concerns inherent to having Skype™ client installed on user workstations by providing centralized Skype™ environment with disabled file transfers, centralized user contact lists as well as detailed call logging.
VoiceGear™ SkyBridge Communicator is available exclusively from IndustryDynamics or through authorized resellers and distributors. For more information, visit www.industrydynamics.ca or contact sales at +1 (416) 848-1850.

System Requirements
Minimum system requirements for VoiceGear™ SkyBridge Communicator include a PBX with up to four free FXO ports and auto attendant capability; a 2.8 GHz Pentium IV PC running Windows XP with 512 MB RAM, 300 MB free hard disk space, a CD-ROM drive and one free USB port; a broadband Internet connection; and free Skype™ Software version 3.2 or later, which is available for download at www.skype.com.

About IndustryDynamics
IndustryDynamics offers a complete line of Skype and VoIP products for consumer, SMB, and enterprise markets. Building on top of the strength of its world-class team, IndustryDynamics strives to provide most innovative products and solutions in order to achieve the most compelling customer experience. Rapid growth of IndustryDynamics is attributed to continuous focus on customer needs and product innovation. Founded in 2005, IndustryDynamics is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.
  1. Skype, SkypeIn, SkypeOut are trademarks of Skype Limited.
  2. VoiceGear is a trademark of IndustryDynamics.
  3. Skype is not a replacement for traditional telephone service and cannot be used for emergency calling.

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