Summary of user feedback for our products.
VoiceGear Connect Gateway

Alex, thank you for your commitment and ongoing support to implement a VGC solution in our offices and ensure flawless operation. Our sales reps are a lot more in tune with several of our major accounts and suppliers.

As per your recommendation, we subscribed to the 2.95USD per month/ line for unlimited long distance communication between our North American offices. We cut a significant portion of our business communication expenses.

Kevin Razor

I operate a large call centre with a demanding telephony environment with the need to make 40 - 60 simultaneous outgoing long distance calls. Our expenses were going out of control and we needed a good quality, reliable solution quickly.

When Peter mentioned that there is no need to replace our old Nortel system and that you can install and configure in less than a day, it was a breath of fresh air, so to speak. The 60 line VoiceGear Enterprise edition gateway is a perfect fit. The cost savings using VoiceGear Connect Enterprise with Skype cut our communication expenses by 70% in the first month, more than covering the upfront price we paid for the gateway.

Thanks ID Team
Bob Robertson

We are headquartered in New York. As the VP of Marketing, I am always looking for convenient and creative means to interact with our customers abroad. I knew that Skype is extremely popular in Europe and decided to go with a VoiceGear Connect solution to connect our Nortel PBX with Skype. The reason behind this initiative was to accommodate our English and German customer base with local Skype In phone numbers for non Skype users and click-to-call buttons for online browsers. We purchased two Skype In numbers for Germany and England and paid only $60 for the whole year.

The system went live in December 2008 and I am very happy with the outcome, as I see a positive increase in sales. In accordance with past statistics, our inside sales representatives received a combination of 755 phone inquiries about our products in December and January combined. Over the past two months (in December 08 and January 09) the number increased to 1,300 calls, increasing our average incoming call volume by 72%. Closing percentage and average transaction size remained constant and thus the increase in sales was in the area of 70%.

We did not make any changes to our marketing campaigns so I know that the increase in inquiries resulted from click to call buttons and the provision of local numbers in England and Germany.

Thank you,
CI Financial Services Inc.

VoiceGear SkyBridge Gateway

I am a Toronto based real estate broker. I would like to thank the VoiceGear team for helping my business become more profitable. Since we introduced SkyBridge Communicator we almost doubled the number of incoming calls from clients inquiring about our properties. Direct customer contact is crucial for our success. We now have a new, powerful tool of converting casual online browsers into customers. Potential customers can now contact us by a click of a button.

I am absolutely amazed by how this simple device reduced our long distance communication costs by that much. Our telemarketing team in the Greater Toronto Area makes a lot of outgoing calls. After integrating our phones with the Skype network using SkyBridge Communicator we received our return on investment within two months. In 2007, we already lowered our long distance communication expenses by 70%.

We are a California based distribution company with 1 head office and three distribution centres in different area codes. We spend a lot of time and money on interoffice communication. I would like to thank the VoiceGear team for helping us install Skybridge devices in all our offices. Our company significantly lowered long distance costs.

VoiceGear Cordless Voice Mate

Your wireless Skype W1D phone rocks! It looks great, simple to use and was ready to go right out of the box. I love to be able to talk on Skype from anywhere in my house.

VoiceGear Internet Voice Gateway

I would like to thank you for making Skype Call Diverter B3G, while using it for the past month I have almost completely eliminated my cell phone long distance bills.

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