24-11-2008 - IndustryDynamics Introduces VoiceGear™ SkyBridge -- World’s Smallest, Most Innovative Skype Gateway for Business

TORONTO, ONTARIO, November 24, 2008 -- IndustryDynamics today announced availability of VoiceGear™ SkyBridge Skype-to-PBX gateway based on the second generation enterprise Linux platform.

VoiceGear™ SkyBridge comes in a small, cost effective package geared specifically towards small businesses that want to take advantage of Skype’s low calling rates and improve their business efficiency. Due to the slumping economy and increased pressures to cut costs, businesses need to execute more efficiently than ever before. By deploying VoiceGear™ SkyBridge, small businesses will be able to cut their long distance and international communication costs by up to 90%, improve employee productivity and introduce new innovative communication avenues to interact with local and international customers.

VoiceGear™ SkyBridge is the smallest integrated Skype-to-PBX gateway appliance available on the market today. Silent operation, low power consumption and compact size make it a great fit for any small business. The gateway supports all major PBX systems used by small businesses today from vendors such as Nortel, Panasonic, Toshiba, NEC and many others.

VoiceGear™ SkyBridge is based on the same enterprise platform as award winning VoiceGear™ Connect gateways and allows businesses to add up to four incoming/outgoing Skype lines to an existing office PBX system without requiring any changes to the existing telephony equipment. In other words, VoiceGear™ SkyBridge enables employees to make and receive calls via Skype directly from their desk phones.

The gateway accommodates businesses with up to 50 users and offers most features and benefits available on the VoiceGear™ Connect enterprise gateways. At the same time, VoiceGear™ SkyBridge occupies significantly less space and minimizes upfront investment. Companies with branch offices can further cut their costs by setting up multiple VoiceGear™ SkyBridge gateways and enjoy completely free communication between satellite offices anywhere in the world.

Using VoiceGear™ SkyBridge enables any business to take advantage of Web Click-to-Call capabilities to accept free calls directly from their Web sites. Click-to-Call will not only cut incoming 1-800 number expenses, but also expose businesses to over 330 million Skype users worldwide. This enhances online customer experience leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction. In addition, businesses with international customers, vendors or suppliers can obtain a local phone number in over 20 different countries worldwide to provide their contacts abroad with a cheap and easy way to reach them locally.

VoiceGear™ SkyBridge enables small businesses to easily streamline their administration efforts by centralizing Skype access and removing the need for individual employees to run Skype directly on business desktops. This further improves network security and eliminates maintenance costs necessary to support Skype installed on individual PCs. The gateway features a smart monitoring system which can be used by IT personnel to restrict authorized use, examine call logs, and monitor for low credit alerts.

"VoiceGear™ SkyBridge is the most fitting solution for small businesses considering our volatile economic context. In addition to cutting long distance expenses by up to 90%, Skype is a tool that can make any business more productive. With VoiceGear™ SkyBridge and its innovative features such as Click-to Call, your employees can effectively engage with customers, suppliers and colleagues both locally and around the globe", said Peter Litovsky, Sales Director at IndustryDynamics.

IndustryDynamics is in the process of establishing global distribution partnerships to help companies around the world benefit from the technology. IndustryDynamics is actively searching for telecom distributors interested in carrying VoiceGear™ Connect gateways. Please visit the IndustryDynamics website at www.industrydynamics.ca or contact sales at +1 (866) 648-1811 for more information.

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