10-03-2008 - IndustryDynamics Announces VoiceGear™ Connect Gateways

TORONTO, ONTARIO, March 10, 2008 -- IndustryDynamics today announced VoiceGear™ Connect, an innovative Skype-to-PBX gateway that will revolutionize the way Skype™ is perceived and used in companies around the world. This powerful, feature-rich device will drive the highly anticipated introduction of Skype™ as a primary medium for long distance communication in the global business community.

VoiceGear™ Connect gateway for Skype allows for complete integration of existing PBX systems with the Skype™ network without changing anything in existing telephony infrastructure. VoiceGear™ Connect enables your existing analog, digital, VoIP or hybrid office phone system to support Skype™ calling from regular desk phones connected to PBX extensions. The power of Skype™ can now be integrated into VoIP PBX systems such as Cisco Call Manager and Asterisk without requiring any hardware interfaces. Many companies will save up to 90% on long distance communication and greatly increase employee productivity.

VoiceGear™ Connect gateways are available in Express, Standard and Enterprise editions targeted at providing great value proposition for businesses of any size. Whether it's an office of 4 people that need to communicate with international customers or a large call center with 300 traveling sales representatives, the gateway's scalable architecture will accommodate both small business and enterprise. VoiceGear™ Connect gateways are fully integrated rack-mount appliances that can easily scale from 4 to 30 concurrent lines of Skype calling using analog FXS/FXO, digital ISDN T1/E1 or SIP connectivity to a PBX.

"VoiceGear™ Connect is a truly innovative Skype™ gateway solution, it will revolutionize the way Skype™ is used in a business environment," said Peter Litovsky, sales director and spokesperson for IndustryDynamics. "Now, millions of companies around the world can use VoiceGear™ Connect to seamlessly integrate the power of Skype™ into their existing PBX systems and unlock huge savings Skype™ can offer."

Skype™ recently implemented numerous improvements to its network, resulting in excellent sound quality, especially when combined with VoiceGear™ Connect gateways. All editions feature advanced echo cancellation, have powerful noise reduction features and completely eliminate security concerns with a built-in firewall. Gateway configuration and management can be done completely from a beautifully designed Web user interface.

The Skype™ network itself does not require any contracts and has no extra fees. Companies can now provide their employees with the ability to communicate with over 250 million registered Skype™ users worldwide absolutely for free. Calls to any long distance landline or mobile phone numbers made using VoiceGear™ Connect centralized solution are charged at very low SkypeOut™ rates.

VoiceGear™ Connect gateway for Skype offers a multitude of advanced features and benefits, thus positioning itself as the most high end solution available on the market today:
  • Powerful Web user interface provides easy access and complete administration of all VoiceGear™ Connect features including phonebook, Skype accounts, system-wide settings, user accounts, call rules and more.
  • Analog, Digital, SIP connectivity to majority of PBX systems allows VoiceGear™ Connect gateways to work with most existing PBX systems without requiring any changes or addition of extra hardware.
  • Skype Trunking allows business of all sizes to leverage Skype, the world's largest VoIP network, as a trunking solution for their existing office PBX systems. Utilizing Skype trunking as an alternative to the PSTN, businesses can substantially save on both domestic long-distance and international calls.
  • Multi-site PBX Communication and Toll-bypass allows employees in multiple branch offices equipped with VoiceGear™ Connect gateways to communicate with each other completely free using Skype. Calls between all extensions in branch offices equipped with VoiceGear™ Connect are carried over the Skype network without incurring any fees.
  • Web Click-To-Call allows customers to call the company PBX directly from their Website. Customers browsing a company Website can reach customer service, sales or support departments absolutely free over the Skype network with a simple click of a button added to the company Website.
  • Firewall Security provides added level of protection and ensures secure access to Skype network within the organization.
IndustryDynamics is in the process of establishing global distribution partnerships to help companies all around the world benefit from this fascinating technology. We are actively searching for Telecom distributors interested in carrying VoiceGear™ Connect gateways. Please visit the IndustryDynamics website at www.industrydynamics.ca or contact sales at +1 (416) 848-1850 for more information.

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  3. Skype is not a replacement for traditional telephone service and cannot be used for emergency calling.

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