22-10-2008 - IndustryDynamics Announces 2nd Generation VoiceGear™ Connect Gateways

TORONTO, ONTARIO, October 22, 2008 -- IndustryDynamics today announced availability of VoiceGear™ Connect line of Skype™-to-PBX gateways based on second generation enterprise Linux platform. VoiceGear™ Connect gateways enable medium to large size businesses to leverage VoIP and experience significant savings on communication of up to 90% while preserving their investments into existing telephony infrastructure. Since its introduction, the powerful VoiceGear™ Connect platform for Skype™ has been successfully deployed by governments, international organizations and medium to large size corporate clients. With the introduction of the second generation platform, IndustryDynamics dramatically expands the feature set, scalability, and user experience offered by VoiceGear™ Connect.

With the second generation platform, businesses can run up to 60 concurrent Skype™ conversations per gateway, which doubles the maximum capacity of the previous generation and greatly benefits large enterprise. In addition, businesses can now register up to 240 Skype™ accounts with the gateway. This enables employees to use individual Skype™ accounts and receive incoming calls directly on their office phones while at work. At the same time employees can re-use these Skype™ accounts when working from home or while traveling. This approach makes employees universally accessible and maximizes productivity.

VoiceGear™ Connect gateways are fully integrated, plug and play rack-mount appliances that can be centrally managed and easily integrated into existing PBX systems using analog FXS/FXO, digital ISDN T1/E1 or SIP interfaces. VoiceGear™ Connect is the only Skype™ integration platform on the market that offers a mixed analog connectivity option which enables businesses to save on additional PBX hardware by seamlessly using both available line and extension ports on the PBX. In addition, VoiceGear™ Connect features a robust SIP server which simplifies integration with VoIP PBX systems such as Cisco Call Manager and Asterisk.

By using VoiceGear™ Connect, businesses not only gain free access to over 300 million registered Skype™ users worldwide but can also take advantage of new Skype™ Unlimited plans. With Skype™ Unlimited, businesses can significantly cut down on communication costs by opting for free unlimited long distance or international calling plans starting at just $2.95 per month per line for calling to United States and Canada. Best of all, Skype™ Unlimited requires no contract.

In addition, VoiceGear™ Connect offers Website Click-to-Call functionality which not only cuts down on 1-800 costs, but also allows businesses to improve customer service, streamline online sales and attract new customers. Using VoiceGear™ Connect Website Click-to-Call functionality, a casual online browser can instantly reach a sales agent with a click of a button and turn into a customer.

Second generation VoiceGear™ Connect platform features a fully interactive Web 2.0 interface which significantly enhances user experience and reduces configuration time. System administrators can utilize the new interface to remotely monitor call status, configure gateway settings, and deploy updates. At the same time, users can subscribe to system notifications that allow VoiceGear™ Connect to accept Skype™ incoming file transfers to be sent via email, automatically transfer detailed call records, and issue intelligent low credit alerts.

"In the current age of global trade Skype™ offers unprecedented advantages over traditional telephony. When it comes to cost savings, universal accessibility and closing the gap between businesses and customers, Skype™ is the clear choice of the future. VoiceGear™ Connect platform easily integrates with all major PBX systems to bring the value of Skype™ to any business environment without requiring costly upgrades to the existing telephony infrastructure", said Peter Litovsky, Sales Director at IndustryDynamics.

IndustryDynamics is in the process of establishing global distribution partnerships to help companies around the world benefit from our technology. We are actively searching for telecom distributors interested in carrying VoiceGear™ Connect gateways. Please visit the IndustryDynamics website at www.industrydynamics.ca or contact sales at +1 (866) 648-1811 for more information.

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