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VoiceGear Connect (Express Edition) 


Skype Integration for Small Business
VoiceGear Connect Express Edition is a revolutionary Skype Gateway that allows for complete integration of existing PBX systems with Skype network. VoiceGear Connect Express Edition combines parallel Skype calling into a centralized solution specifically designed to meet the needs of any small business. VoiceGear Connect Skype Gateway acts as a bridge between your current phone infrastructure and Skype VoIP network enabling you to make/receive up to 8 concurrent Skype calls right from your existing office desk phones or extensions.

Now you can communicate with over 300 million registered Skype users worldwide using a single centralized solution that is seamlessly integrated with your existing telephony infrastructure.
Skype-enable your Existing PBX System and Save Money
VoiceGear Connect Express Edition enables your existing office PBX system to support Skype calling, no matter whether it is Analog, Digital, VoIP, or Hybrid as long as it has available extension-side (FXS) or trunk-side (FXO) analog ports or can support SIP trunking. Simply connect the gateway to the Internet and to your company PBX system and start making Skype calls from existing telephone handsets without changing anything in your telephony infrastructure. Advanced telephony features such as IVR, three-way conferencing, call forwarding and call transfer already available with your PBX system are seamlessly incorporated into Skype calling.

Using VoiceGear Connect Skype Gateway in your business can reduce your telecom infrastructure costs and operating fees by 30-90 percent given that most Skype calls can be made free or at a fraction of the cost as compared to traditional long-distance service providers.
SIP Integraton with VoIP PBX Systems and Asterisk
VoiceGear Connect Express Edition features native support for SIP voice over IP protocol enabling it to route calls between SIP PBX systems and Skype. This provides huge savings on telecom expenses, while encouraging cost-effective communication among distributed offices, subsidiaries, and customers. The power of Skype can now be integrated into VoIP PBX systems such as Cisco Call Manager and Asterisk without requiring any hardware interfaces.
Many Ways to Save

  • Experience significant savings on long distance calls for your entire business with free Skype to Skype calls and ultra cheap SkypeOut rates
  • Toll-bypass for multi-site locations. Completely eliminate all intra-office communication costs with free Skype to Skype calls between all locations
  • Reduce roaming charges and eliminate all long-distance call charges on mobile phones
  • Allow your customers and suppliers to reach you completely free using Skype by calling your office PBX
  • Reduce your 1-800 costs by letting your customers use Web Click-To-Call to reach you with Skype directly from your Web site
  • Create global presense for your company with local SkypeIn numbers available in over 20 different countries world-wide
  • Eliminate costly traditional phone lines you have by replacing them with Skype
  • No contracts to sign and no upfront setup fees as compared to other phone and VoIP providers
To learn more about the benefits VoiceGear Connect Express Edition delivers to your business please visit our business cases section
Easy to Use! No PBX changes required...
VoiceGear Connect Express Edition is an ideal solution for businesses or branch offices with 100 users and under. VoiceGear Connect automatically finds free lines for both incoming and outgoing calls, meaning that several people in your organization can simultaneously talk on Skype.

VoiceGear Connect Express Edition is perfect for companies with multiple locations, remote employees, or customer-centric organizations looking to bridge the gap between the company and its customers, both domestically and internationally. Simply install multiple VoiceGear Connect Skype gateways in each branch office location and take advantage of FREE Skype to Skype calls for all intra-office communications.

After connecting VoiceGear Connect to your phone PBX system, anyone in the office is ready to use Skype from their existing desk phones. Simply pickup the phone and you are instantly ready to save big on all your long-distance calls due to FREE Skype to Skype calls and ultra-low SkypeOut rates.
Reduce Mobile Roaming and Long Distance Charges
Employees with access to WiFi hotspots or fixed Internet can use their personal Skype account to call the VoiceGear Connect gateway to reach the company PBX.

Local employees working out of the office can use VoiceGear Connect gateway to make long distance calls over Skype using their mobile phone.
Other Key Benefits

  • Seamlessly connects your existing phone system to Skype - the world's largest free VoIP network
  • Single corporate Skype hunt-group with automatic distribution for all incoming Skype calls
  • Make Skype calls directly from office desk phones. No need to have Skype running on corporate desktops
  • Bypass any Skype client security concerns with a single integrated, centrally administered solution
  • Comprehensive web-based administration interface
Overall Setup



VoiceGear Connect Express Edition offers a multitude of features targeted towards reducing communication costs and increasing productivity of your office employees.
Skype Trunking

VoiceGear Connect Express Edition allows small businesses to leverage Skype, the world's largest VoIP network, as a trunking solution for their existing office PBX systems. By utilizing Skype trunking as an alternative to the PSTN, businesses can substantially save on both domestic long-distance and international calls.
SIP Connectivity to the PBX

VoiceGear Connect Express Edition offers SIP connectivity to most IP and hybrid PBX systems utilizing SIP G.711 codec. Native support for SIP connectivity extends the ability of VoiceGear Connect Express Edition to work with Asterisk based PBX systems by delivering high quality voice for up to 8 Skype channels.
Extension-side (FXS)/Trunk-side (FXO) and SIP connectivity to the PBX

VoiceGear Connect Express Edition offers a variety of connectivity options to any PBX system with available extension-side (FXS) or trunk-side (FXO) ports. We also support mixed connectivity option by utilizing both FXS and FXO ports available on the PBX. Mixed FXS/FXO connectivity is unique to VoiceGear Connect products and is essential to implementing advanced calling features. Dual FXS/FXO connectivity also simplifies installation and lowers your costs if all ports are in use by allowing the addition of line cards instead of more expensive trunk cards.
Multi-site PBX Communication and Toll-bypass

Employees in multiple branch offices equipped with VoiceGear Connect gateways can communicate with each other completely free using Skype. Calls between all extensions in branch offices equipped with VoiceGear Connect are carried over the Skype network without incurring any fees.
Global Call Transfers over Skype

All incoming landline and Skype calls can be transferred to any phone number or Skype ID, inside or outside the company office. Calls can be transferred at no cost to employees in branch offices equipped with VoiceGear Connect gateway, or to employee's mobile phones and landline numbers at low SkypeOut rates. (requires extension side connectivity to the PBX).
Web Click-To-Call

VoiceGear Connect Express Edition brings you Click-To-Call feature, which allows customers to call your company PBX directly from your Web site. Customers browsing your Web site can reach Customer Service, Sales or Support departments absolutely free over the Skype network with a simple click of a button added to your Web site. This can significantly reduce your costs for providing Toll-free numbers to customers.
Other Features...

  • Complete integration of Skype into your existing office PBX system allowing for handling incoming/outgoing Skype calls via your existing office phones
  • Works with existing office PBX system to provide other telephony features such as Call Transfer, Call Hold, Call Waiting, Call Pickup, Conference Call and more... (PBX dependent)
  • Easily scalable to support up to 8 concurrent Skype calls
  • Support for Skype chat to FTP transfer
  • Support for up to 32 concurrent Skype accounts to be registered with the gateway
  • Completely free Skype-to-Skype calls over existing phones and compelling long-distance services with SkypeOut
  • Interactive web user interface for complete system administration, line monitoring and phone book management
  • Enhanced security with central administration of all Skype services. No need to run Skype clients on individual office PCs
  • Intelligent call routing with a single corporate Skype hunt-group for automatic distribution of all incoming Skype calls
  • Skype contact speed-dials for easy dialing of Skype users from regular desk phones
  • Auto add speed dials for incoming callers
  • User authentication via Web interface or via DTMF tones from any office phone
  • Role-based user settings and custom dial plans
  • Incoming Caller ID Generation
  • Automatic a free line/port detection for the incoming and outgoing Skype calls
  • Excellent sound quality with advanced software echo cancellation and noise reduction
  • Skype conference creation and control from any touch tone phone
  • Detailed call logging and reporting on for every user
  • Regular system updates available via the Web
  • Automatic restart after power failure
  • Skype services supported:

    - Skype to Skype calls
    - SkypeOut calls including Skype unlimited
    - SkypeIn calls
    - SkypeWeb - Click to Call
    - Call Forwarding to Skype users and phone numbers
    - Business Control Panel


Complete Specs

Ethernet 1 RJ-45 (LAN) 10/100 Fast Ethernet port

Analog Connectivity 4-8 analog ports for PBX integration
Up to 32 concurrent Skype accounts
Support for mixed FXS/FXO configurations

VoIP Connectivity SIP G.711 A-law/U-law support
RFC2833 and INFO DTMF signalling support
Up to 8 concurrent lines
Up to 32 concurrent Skype accounts

Connectivity 4 High-speed USB 2.0 ports
PS/2 mouse, PS/2 keyboard ports
1 D-sub VGA port
1 Parallel port, 1 COM port

Media Processing
Protocol Skype compatible

IP Transport TCP/IP with NAT traversal/Firewall penetration

Voice Quality PSTN comparable with advanced echo cancellation

Analog Signaling
DTMF/MF Transport Packet side or PSTN side auto detection and generation

Dial Tone Full support

Ring Voltage ITUT standard 60-75 volts and ring cadence

Operation & Management
Configuration Comprehensive web-based system configuration

Administration Complete set of management tools including call log, user database, and line status monitoring
Extensive Skype contact phonebook
Single corporate hunt-group Skype account with auto-call distribution for all incoming Skype calls

Dial Plan Skype-Skype, SkypeOut

User Notifications Customizable system backups and call log transfers
Automatic Skype chat transfers
Customizable email alerts

Hardware Specifications
Form Factor Rack-mount

Dimensions 19" 2U chassis

Platform Dual core processor
Linux-based appliance

Internet Connectivity High-speed (minimum 15kbps up/down per channel)

Power Supply AC 110-220V, 5A

Regulatory Compliance
Safety Standards FCC Part 15 Class B, CE Mark

Compare Editions

Product Offerings

Express Edition
Standard Edition
Enterprise Edition
Base Number of Lines
30 via SIP or
16 via Analog or
24 via ISDN T1 or
30 via ISDN E1
Base Number of Concurrent Skype Accounts
120 via SIP or
120 via Analog or
120 via ISDN T1 or
120 via ISDN E1
Maximum Line Capacity
60 via SIP or
24 via Analog or
48 via ISDN T1 or
60 via ISDN E1
Maximum Number of Concurrent Skype Accounts
240 via SIP or
120 via Analog or
240 via ISDN T1 or
240 via ISDN E1
Analog FXO Support
Analog FXS Support
ISDN PRI Support
SIP (G.711) Support
Advanced Software Echo Cancellation
Advanced Hardware Echo Cancellation
Skype Conference
Powerful Web User Interface
Phone User Authentication
Caller ID Support
Advanced Phone Book
Auto Add Incoming Callers to Phone Book
Multi-user Access
Automatic Call Logging and Reporting
Call Log Transfer via FTP or Email
Automatic Backups
Incoming Calls Filtering
Outgoing Calls Filtering
Advanced Call Routing
Inward Calling via DISA
Automatic Free Line Detection for Incoming Calls
Single Hunt Group for Incoming Calls

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