System Updates
This page contains updates for our VoiceGear Connect and VoiceGear SkyBridge integrated gateways for Skype. Each update package is unified and supports all of our VoiceGear gateway product lines. If you have questions regarding these updates, please email our Technical Support team.
Release Date
3.0.18 7.0 MB July 21, 2010 - Fixed system failure on empty incoming caller id
- Fixed PRI failure on preferred B-CHAN
- Fixed line not cleared on PRI overlap
3.0.16 7.0 MB Dec 9, 2009 - Fixed user phone authentication
- Fixed outbound/inbound filters not working properly on specific configurations
- Fixed calls not going through under certain conditions
- Fixed inbound caller id truncation issue
- Added new trial version call limit of 5 minutes
3.0.14 7.0 MB Sep 29, 2009 - Fixed PRI crash with overlap dialing
- Fixed signalling for analog FXO configurations
- Fixed audio stopping on Skype voicemail
- Fixed memory leak when sending/receiving chat messages
- Fixed HTTP API password settings not working properly
3.0.13 7.0 MB Sep 8, 2009 - Fixed analog FXO disconnection issue for Talkswitch PBX
- Fixed call bridging issues
3.0.12 7.0 MB June 17, 2009 - Fixed wrong SIP re-invite handling
- Fixed wrong on-hold handling
- Fixed crash due to non-UTF8 characters in Skype chat
- Fixed Skype voicemail codec selection
- Fixed license check logic for trial versions
- Fixed minor bugs
- Added multiple web configuration interface stability improvements
3.0.11 6.9 MB Apr 14, 2009 - Fixed DTMF INFO mode problem on wrong mime-type
- Fixed problem when Skype does not restart after "frozen" condition
- Fixed Skype accounts going off-line
- Fixed implementation of SIP re-invite
- Fixed implementation of direct SIP RTP redirection
- Fixed address book multi-threaded access problem
- Fixed minor bugs
- Added invalid routes check
- Added RFC2833 compatible and strict DTMF modes
- Added speed-up for Skype account connection
3.0.10 6.9 MB Jan 26, 2009 - Set PRI en bloc mode as default
- Fixed ISDN BRI disconnection problem on call failure
- Fixed ISDN BRI deadlocks
- Fixed Skype accounts going offline
- Fixed SIP proxy not working correctly
- Fixed wrong SIP timestamp on RFC2833 DTMF
- Added network information on system overview page
3.0.9 6.9 MB Jan 15, 2009 - Fixed VNC screen limit at 99 in the web interface
- Fixed SIP crash when sending large amounts of traffic
- Fixed Skype calls not properly closed
- Fixed Skype off-line status not handled
- Fixed wrong SIP codes for failed calls
- Fixed Sangoma multiple PRI detection error
- Fixed No audio on PRI when unplugging and plugging cable
- Fixed overlap dial implementation for PRI
3.0.8 6.9 MB Dec 19, 2008 - Fixed missing SIP/183 on Earlymedia
- Fixed SIP random crashes
- Fixed ISDN/BRI voice problems
- Fixed Skype log-in not accepting special chars
- Fixed Skype could not send special chars on chat
- Fixed no answer on incoming calls with missing caller-id
- Fixed SkypeIN numbers not showing caller-id
- Fixed errors in WebUI with no SWAP
- Fixed calls shown as in-progress while they are not
- Fixed SIP loosing BYE messages
- Fixed SIP deadlock
- Fixed channel lock-up on outgoing calls to non-existing numbers
- Fixed SIP call on-hold support
- Added Skype log-in speedup
- Added Skype master account setting for incoming calls
- Added improved voice quality
- Added low CPU usage for control processes
- Added tuning system
- Added load balancing on incoming/ outgoing calls routes
3.0.7 6.7 MB Nov 14, 2008 - Automated chat response fixed
- SIP G.711A stability improvements
- Analog FXS call disconnect improvements
- Web user interface updates
- Added custom tone zone specification
- Added RSS feed support on system overview page
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