VoiceGear Phone System Express


Unified Communications for Small Business
VoiceGear Phone System is built upon open standards by combining the power of VoIP technology with the reliability of our specialized telephony hardware in a cost effective package tailored specifically to small business owners. By investing in VoiceGear you are purchasing an award winning communications system which will help keep your employees in touch, your customers happy and your business growing. VoiceGear transforms your phone system into an IP-based unified communications tool. The system brings together your office staff, sales people on the road and employees working from remote offices to help capture leads, close sales, increase client satisfaction and improve business productivity.

VoiceGear has earned an outstanding reputation for maximizing efficiency, streamlining operations while keeping your operations costs to a minimum.
Deploy VoiceGear Phone System and Save Money
VoiceGear Phone System enables your company to migrate to cost effective VoIP communications while keeping your existing contact numbers and traditional phone service quality and reliability.

Using VoiceGear in your business can reduce your telecom infrastructure costs and operating fees by up to 60% as compared to traditional phone service and long-distance providers.
Many Ways to Save

  • Experience significant savings on long distance calls for your entire business with reduced VoIP rates as compared to traditional phone service
  • Allow your mobile employees to make long distance calls using your phone system using either voice or 3G data networks
  • Completely eliminate all intra-office communication costs by deploying VoiceGear Phone System at all locations
  • Reduce the expense of deploying new phone sets by installing free softphone application on employee computers
  • Reduce your 1-800 costs by letting your customers call you with Skype directly from your Website with a click of a button*
  • Create global presense for your company with cheap phone numbers in various provinces and states all routed to VoiceGear Phone System
  • No contracts to sign
*Requires VoiceGear SkyBridge integration.
Great for Small Business
VoiceGear Phone System is an ideal solution for businesses or branch offices with 25 users and under. In addition to reduced phone call costs and other expense saving features, VoiceGear Phone System will also make your business sound bigger. With support for variety of auto-attendant options, voicemail, call queues, follow-me calling and remote extensions your customers will be impressed with the level of service they get.

VoiceGear Phone System is perfect for companies with multiple locations, remote employees, or customer-centric organizations looking to bridge the gap between the company and their customers, both domestically and internationally. Simply install multiple VoiceGear Phone System appliances in each branch office location, take advantage of FREE calls for all intra-office communications and allow incoming callers seamlessly reach any office regardless of location.
Easy to Use! No technician required...
After connecting the VoiceGear Phone System to power and Internet you can access the centralized web interface similar to that of a router. Using this intuitive UI, you can configure phone service and create extensions for your employees. As a part of our premium support service, our staff can guide you through this one-time setup remotely.
Overall Setup



VoiceGear Phone System Express offers a multitude of features targeted towards reducing communication costs in your small business as well as increasing productivity of your office employees.
Automated Attendant

As easy as it is powerful, auto attendant feature allows you to define custom greetings, call flows, responses, call forwarding options and present them to your incoming callers. Starting from a simple "Press 1 for sales", "Press 0 to reach the operator" model, auto attendant is easy to configure, yet flexible enough to suit your custom need
Built-in Directory

With a click of a button, you can activate a powerful directory feature which will allow external callers to browse you staff directory and locate necessary extensions by simply spelling their last names on a touch-tone keypad.
Built-in Voicemail

Every VoiceGear PBX comes with over 1,000 hours of voicemail storage which can be assigned to any connected phone and personalized for each user. Stored voicemails can be accessed via an online interface, any office phone or automatically sent by the system as email attachments.
Advanced Conferencing

By deploying VoiceGear PBX, your organization automatically gains a conference bridge with advanced conferencing capabilities. Using the built-in web interface, any user can setup conference rooms and host conference calls between internal and external callers alike and avoid using expensive conference services. Conferences can be configured in lecture or open discussion modes as well as recorded on demand.
Follow Me Call Forwarding

Allow callers to find you and your staff even when they if you are not at their desks. Whether you are on the road, at home, or on a business trip, follow me feature will forward incoming calls and locate you wherever you are, based on call forwarding rules you create.
Remote Extensions

With the VoiceGear PBX, your extensions are no longer tied to your desk. You can take your phone and use anywhere with an Internet connection. You can setup virtual extensions at home or at branch offices. You can use SIP soft phone on your laptop to connect to your extension in the office.
Other Features...

  • Advanced unified communication phone system for all of your offices
  • Call Parking and Queues
  • Detailed Call and Usage Records
  • Comprehensive Web-based administration interface
  • Built-in Fax over IP support
  • Built-in email server
  • Built-in CRM system
  • Integration with popular Canadian VoIP providers
  • Comprehensive Skype integration with VoiceGear Connect and VoiceGear SkyBridge
  • Auto-detection for Sangoma analog and PRI hardware
  • Built-in interactive dashboard
  • Available company wide instant messanging support
  • Phone auto-provisining support for Polycom, Aastra, Cisco, and Yealink phones


Complete Specs

Ethernet 1 RJ-45 (LAN) 10/100 Fast Ethernet port

Analog Connectivity Up to 4 analog ports FXS/FXO ports
Support for mixed FXS/FXO configurations

VoIP Connectivity SIP G.729, G.711 A-law/U-law support
RFC2833 and INFO DTMF signalling support
Up to 25 users

Connectivity PS/2 mouse, PS/2 keyboard ports
1 D-sub VGA port

Media Processing
Protocol SIP 2.0

IP Transport TCP/IP with NAT traversal/Firewall penetration

Voice Quality PSTN comparable with advanced echo cancellation on analog lines

Analog Signaling
DTMF/MF Transport Packet side or PSTN side auto detection and generation

Dial Tone Full support

Ring Voltage ITUT standard 60-75 volts and ring cadence

Operation & Management
Configuration Comprehensive web-based system configuration

Administration Complete set of management tools including call log, line status monitoring and network statistics

Hardware Specifications
Dimensions 20cm (w) x 7.8 cm (h) x 24cm (d)

Platform Embedded x86
Linux-based appliance

Power Supply AC-DC 12V, 5A switching power adapter 110-220V

Internet Connectivity High-speed (minimum 12kbps up/down per channel)

Regulatory Compliance
Safety Standards FCC Part 15 Class B, CE Mark

Compare Editions

Product Offerings

VG Phone System Express
VG Phone System Standard
Recommended Company Size
Up to 25 people
Up to 250 people
Maximum Line Capacity
Voicemail Storage
80 GB
Analog Line (FXS/FXO) Connectivity
Up to 4 ports
Up to 24 ports
Form Factor
Mini Appliance
2U Rack Mountable
SIP (G.729, G.711a/u) Connectivity
Conferencing Support
Fax Support
Powerful Web User Interface
Multi-user Access
RAID Support
Automatic Call Logging and Reporting
Automatic Backup Support
Phone Auto Provisioning
ISDN T1/E1 Support
Inward Calling via DISA
Follow Me Support
Remote Extension Support

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