VoiceGear Cordless Voice Mate

Unwire Your Free Long Distance!
Are you tired of having to constantly sit by your computer while talking on the Internet? Introducing a revolutionary way to unwire yourself - Cordless Voice Mate. Using the phone, you can now make and receive FREE Internet calls wirelessly from up to 50 meters away. The phone is fully compatible with both Windows and Apple platforms and supports the most popular FREE Internet voice providers such as Skype, Yahoo! Voice and Windows Live Messenger.

Cordless Voice Mate features amazing new design and combines it with a strong feature set and great usability. By simply picking up the wireless handset, you can access and call any of your Skype contacts or dial any phone number.


  • Complete wireless freedom for all Skype calls with an indoor range of 50 meters
  • Unlimited free long distance calling in North America with a SkypeOut plan
  • Extremely long battery life offering up to 10 hours talk time or 100 hours of standby
  • Large LCD screen with blue backlight built into the handset
  • Fully functional base station that recharges the handset and features a multi-directional speakerphone
  • Aesthetically elegant and lightweight. Weight: 225 gram, Dimensions: 17 x 15 x 4 cm
  • Excellent sound quality utilizing 2.4GHz range for wireless transmission and automatic frequency hopping
  • Quick and easy setup, connects to any computer using a USB cable and doesn't require a power outlet
  • Fully compatible with leading VoIP clients including Skype, Yahoo! Voice, Windows Live Messenger, VoIP Buster, X-Lite, and eyeBeam
  • Fully compatible with both Macs and PCs


  • Place and receive VoIP calls with a complete wireless freedom and great voice quality up to 50 meters away
  • Enjoy complete integration with Skype contact lists and all SkypeOut features for cheap long-distance calling
  • Make no compromizes with a beautiful design and support for Macs and PCs right out of the box

Example Uses

  • You want to call a loved one but can't carve out enough time to sit at your computer. With Cordless Voice Mate, you can make this call from anywhere in your home and move around freely while doing so.
  • You are missing important incoming Skype calls while being away from your computer. Simply take the handset with you around your home and stop missing out on important conversations.


Please visit our main downloads section for product manuals as well as latest software.


In order to give you the most convenience possible, VoiceGear Cordless Voice Mate seamlessly integrates several advanced technologies. Running powerful yet easy to use software the phone offers you complete integration with all Skype calling features such as contacts or SkypeOut right on your handset. To ensure great voice quality, a 2.4 Ghz radio band is utilized along with powerful noise reduction and echo cancellation algorithms. See complete specs below:
  • Transmission: Long Range Digital 2.4Ghz RF ISM band with channel autoselect for better voice quality
  • Transmission frequency range: 2400-2483 MHz
  • Computer interface: USB 1.1 port built into the base station
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion, 460mAh
  • Standby time: 100 hours
  • Talk time: 10 hours
  • Transmission range: 50 meters indoors
  • Voice quality: Echo cancellation and noise reduction with a built-in soundcard
  • Compatibility: Compatible with USB1.1/2.0 standards
  • Certification: FCC certified for home and/or office use, CE mark
  • RoHS: RoHS compliant
  • System requirements: Windows 2000/XP or MacOSX, 400MHz CPU, USB port, Internet connection

Skype is a trademark of Skype Limited. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Please note this product is currently not available for sale in Canada.

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