VoiceGear Internet Voice Gateway

Free Long Distance for Mobile!
Introducing VoiceGear Internet Voice Gateway, a powerful new device that combines the power of FREE Internet calling with your home, office and mobile phones.

Using the Internet Voice Gateway you can place FREE or cheap calls to anybody in the world directly from your home, office and mobile phones. Simply dial the number where VoiceGear Internet Voice Gateway is connected and use it to redirect your call to any Skype contact or any phone number in the world. In addition, Internet Voice Gateway can forward all incoming Skype calls to your mobile phone while you are away from your computer.

This device is both easy to install and simple to use. With Internet Voice Gateway you can turn any phone into a Skype phone with no contracts to sign!


  • Unlimited free long distance calling anywhere in the world!* Excellent for personal and business purposes!
  • Unlimited free long distance calling in North America with a SkypeOut plan
  • Ability to get a local dialtone by calling any Skype account connected to a Internet Voice Gateway
  • Integrated voice mail allowing callers to leave messages avoiding phone provider service fees
  • Powerful forwarding that allows to forward all incoming Internet calls to a your cell phone that is always with you
  • Internet Voice Gateway can be utilized for both incoming and outgoing calls
  • Aesthetically elegant and lightweight. Dimensions: 94mm (L) * 69mm (W) * 25mm (H)
  • Excellent sound quality. Better then regular long-distance phone lines
  • New features are added constantly. Software upgrades are completely free and are available for download here
  • Quick and easy setup, connects to any phone jack using regular phone cord and your computer using USB cable
  • Fully compatible with leading VoIP clients including Skype, Windows Live Messenger, VoIP Buster, X-Lite, and eyeBeam

*Requires VoiceGear Internet Voice Gateway Bundle for free long-distance calling. Regular Skype long distance rates apply when using a single Internet Voice Gateway device. Local calling fees may apply.


  • Place outgoing long distance calls from any regular phone or cell phone and save on your long distance fees!
  • Accept incoming long distance calls placed over SkypeTM network on any regular phone or cell phone
  • Unparalled features offering you savings of an integrated answering machine and ability to get a local dialtone for incoming Internet calls
  • Seamless switching between making Internet calls or regular phone calls over existing lines

Product Offerings

We currently offer two versions of VoiceGear Internet Voice Gateway: bundle and standalone. While the standalone version comes with a single Internet Voice Gateway, the bundle includes two Internet Voice Gateway products, which are required to enable all features including free worldwide calling. For a feature comparison, refer to the matrix below.

Free long-distance in North America
Incoming and outgoing call handling
Local dialtone for incoming Internet calls
Integrated answering machine
Powerful call forwarding
Regular feature updates
Free worldwide long-distance

Example Uses

  • You want to call a loved one who lives far away without paying high long distance rates. Using VoiceGear Internet Voice Gateway bundle and an Internet connection, you can place this call for free.
  • You are incurring high regular long-distance fees when calling within North America and want to put your money to better use. Purchase a single Internet Voice Gateway and place the same calls for free* from a cell phone or your house line.
  • An important client calls your Skype account but you are away from your computer. VoiceGear Internet Voice Gateway will forward your client to your cell phone. Your client doesn't pay anything, and you only pay your local phone company calling fees (local calling is free in many countries).

*Calling phone numbers in North America is free with a SkypeOut plan.


Click here to download product datasheet.

Please visit our main downloads section for product manuals as well as latest software.


In order to provide a wide set of revolutionary features, VoiceGear Internet Voice Gateway products utilize the latest VoIP (Voice over IP) technology. Essentially, Internet Voice Gateway devices act as bridges between existing telecom networks, your home phone and the Internet. What you get as a result, is seamless integration of Internet and regular telephony which is completely customizable by the individual for countless purposes. See complete specs below:
  • 1 FXS port for wireless or wired phone compatibility
  • 1 FXO port for PSTN call relays
  • Computer interface: USB 1.1 port
  • Built-in PSTN voicemail
  • Certification: FCC certified for home and/or office use, CE mark
  • RoHS: RoHS compliant
  • System requirements: Windows 2000/XP, 400MHz CPU, USB port, Internet connection

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