VoiceGear Simply Voice Mate

Free Internet Calls Worldwide!
Introducing VoiceGear Simply Voice Mate, an Internet phone that meets Skype's highest quality requirements and has earned Skype Certification. Connect this phone into your computer's USB port and you can instantly make/receive Skype calls using the handset. Large LCD display allows you to review Skype contacts, while integrated keypad manages the Skype application and all your calls.

With its compact size, VoiceGear Simply Voice Mate is your ultimate travel companion. Just plug it into any computer running Skype software, and you are ready to make cheap long distance calls to any Skype user or any phone number in the world.


  • Unlimited free long distance calling in North America with a SkypeOut plan
  • Dial both Skype contacts and SkypeOut number via phone keypad
  • Phone rings for all incoming calls utilizing a wide array of selectable ring styles
  • Caller ID function for Skype calls with support for multiple languages
  • Easy to review Skype contacts and call lists directly on phone
  • Hardware based echo cancellation and noise reduction
  • Quick and easy setup, connects to any computer using a USB cable and doesn't require a power outlet
  • Fully compatible with Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Voice, Google Talk, VoIP Buster, X-Lite, and eyeBeam
  • Aesthetically elegant and lightweight design
  • Fully compatible with both Macs and PCs


  • Place and receive any Skype calls directly on the handset, no more uncomfortable headsets or microphones
  • Enjoy complete integration with Skype contact lists and all SkypeOut features for cheap long-distance
  • Make no compromises with a beautiful design and support for both Mac and PC

Example Uses

  • You want to call a loved one but don't want to use an inconvenient microphone-headset combination. With VoiceGear Simply Voice Mate, you can make this phone call just like you would using a regular phone
  • You are missing important incoming Skype calls while being away from your computer. Simply pick up the handset, check the call history, and get it touch with your important contacts anywhere in the world.


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  • No external power required
  • Driver and sound card built-in
  • Interface: One USB 1.1 port, one headset jack
  • Display: Backlit multi-line LCD with caller id support
  • Voice quality: Echo cancellation and noise reduction with a built-in soundcard
  • Compatibility: USB1.1, 2.0 standards
  • Certification: FCC certified for home and/or office use, CE mark, RoHS compliant
  • System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista or MacOSX, 400MHz CPU, USB port, Internet connection

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