29-04-2009 - Deerfield Communications partners up with IndustryDynamics, officially launches its sales and marketing campaign of the award winning VoiceGear Skype-for-Business gateways.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, April 29, 2009 -- The timing for cost saving technology is now! As the economy continues to face a downturn, companies are eagerly seeking practical strategies to tighten their belts and find solutions that deliver a fast ROI. With VoiceGear, Deerfield is fully equipped to help global SMB and Enterprise customers benefit from the fantastic cost savings and numerous advantages of Skype communication.

Skype's enormous user base presents exciting opportunities to VoIP resellers worldwide. "At IndustryDynamics, our goal is to establish mutually profitable strategic partnerships with VARs and resellers worldwide to ensure quality of service, well-timed delivery and premium support", said Peter Litovsky, Sales Manager at IndustryDynamics. "This partnership will help a multitude of Deerfield resellers throughout the US differentiate and diversify their product lines from the competition and tap into promising new markets and revenue streams."

As a result of the numerous cost cutting benefits of VoiceGear, Deerfield can now help companies of any size reduce communication expenses by up to 90% and receive the ROI in two to six months. For businesses with low call volumes, Deerfield is offering the lightweight and compact, yet powerful VoiceGear SkyBridge Skype gateway. This benefits Deerfield's global 3CX reseller community and their customers by diversifying the feature set of the award winning 3CX Phone System for Windows with centralized and secure Skype calling capabilities.

Now that Skype is going mobile, the decision for end users is even easier. On March 31st, 2009, Skype unveiled its free iPhone (and upcoming BlackBerry) applications, providing companies with the freedom of communicating with their staff, suppliers and clients for free. This means that free calls can be made to/from any employee with a BlackBerry or iPhone in a Wi-Fi zone, anywhere in the world. By using VoiceGear, companies will be able to cut down on their mobile roaming costs, through free Skype calls between the office and mobile workforce.

"The VoiceGear product line is a natural fit and significant addition to the Deerfield VoIP product suite," said Mike Deerfield, CEO of Deerfield.com. "The driving force behind Deerfield's VoIP products is costs savings, and VoiceGear presents an exciting value proposition that allows organizations to easily apply the call cost savings of Skype to their business communications. VoiceGear products are competitively priced, simple to install and fully compatible with 3CX, IP PBX for Windows. We anticipate great interest from our channel partners and end users in this technology, and a successful partnership with IndustryDynamics," said Deerfield.

Deerfield Communications provides a variety of pioneering VoIP product lines designed for resellers and organizations to find everything they need for a reliable, easy to use and cost effective phone system. VoiceGear Skype gateways are a great addition as they allow complete integration of Skype network with existing SIP, Digital or Analog based PBX systems. VoiceGear Connect and VoiceGear SkyBridge are fully integrated appliances designed for quick plug and play operation. The gateways scale up from 2 to 60 concurrent lines to accommodate the needs of SMB and multi-office enterprise. Some of the VoiceGear features include free Skype-to-Skype calls with over 400 million Skype users, accepting incoming SkypeIn calls, ultra cheap SkypeOut calls for long distance communication, ability to send SMS messages via Skype and convenient Click-to-Call buttons on company websites.

About Deerfield
Deerfield Communications provides a streamlined, targeted suite of VoIP products designed for resellers and organizations that prefer a Windows based phone system and telephony components that are fully tested and compatible. Deerfield is an International provider of messaging and security software, including mail server, email management, PBX, firewall, VoIP hardware and dynamic dns. Founded in 1995, and headquartered in rural northern Michigan, Deerfield.com has built an impressive group of loyal channel partners and end users by focusing on the value of technology and a firm emphasis on customer service and quality support.

About IndustryDynamics
IndustryDynamics offers a complete line of Skype™ and VoIP products for consumer, SMB, and enterprise markets. Building on top of the strength of its world-class team, IndustryDynamics strives to provide the best possible products and innovative solutions in order to achieve the most compelling customer experience. Rapid growth of IndustryDynamics is attributed to continuous focus on customer needs and product innovation. Founded in 2005, IndustryDynamics is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.
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