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19-01-2010 - Sangoma Helps IndustryDynamics Enter Important Vertical Markets

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 19, 2010) - Sangoma Technologies Corporation (TSX VENTURE:STC)

Sangoma(R) Technologies Corporation (TSX VENTURE:STC), a leading supplier of hardware and software enabling server-based voice and data communication applications, provided its partner IndustryDynamics with the capability to bring the award-winning VoiceGear Skype solutions to new customers in the hospitality and education sectors.

IndustryDynamics uses Sangoma's high quality voice cards for connectivity of its VoiceGear Skype communication platform with legacy phone systems currently in use by a large number of hotels and educational institutions. VoiceGear Skype gateways are fully integrated, plug and play appliances that can be centrally managed and easily integrated into existing phone systems to provide Skype calling directly from existing office phones. Read more.
11-01-2010 - Sangoma Taps Partners to Demonstrate Wide Range of IP Telephony Solutions at ITEXPO East 2010

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 11, 2010) - Sangoma Technologies Corporation (TSX VENTURE:STC)

At ITEXPO East 2010, the leading conference and trade show covering IP communications technology, Sangoma Technologies Corporation will showcase in its booth (#601) solutions from six application partners. These solutions are representative of the breadth of software-based communication applications that run on Sangoma's voice and data connectivity components. The exhibits include open source and proprietary solutions fit for contact centers, large enterprises and small-to-medium businesses.

IndustryDynamics - a leading Canadian manufacturer of Skype gateways for enterprises and SMBs, the company will be demonstrating VoiceGear Connect, a Skype gateway that allows for complete integration of existing VoIP, analog and digital PBX systems into the Skype network. VoiceGear Connect uses Sangoma analog and digital cards for integrating Skype calling with TDM-based PBX systems. Read more.
04-01-2010 - IndustryDynamics will participate as a tradeshow exhibitor at the ITEXPO East 2010

TORONTO, ONTARIO, January 4, 2010 -- IndustryDynamics announces its participation as a tradeshow exhibitor at the INTERNET TELEPHONY CONFERENCE & EXPO East 2010. The conference will be held on January 20-22 at The Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, Florida.

IndustryDynamics will offer unique opportunities for solution providers, resellers and distribution partners. Please visit us in booth 601 to see how VoiceGear Connect business solutions for Skype can benefit your company and your customers.

09-12-2009 - First Telecom to utilize IndustryDynamics' Award Winning VoiceGear Skype Gateways as part of its comprehensive BridgeIT system

TORONTO, ONTARIO, December 9, 2009 -- IndustryDynamics today officially announced new VoiceGear distribution partnership with First Telecom of Greece. The leading Skype gateway manufacturer has a unique arrangement with its new distribution partner. The highlight of the partnership will surround First Telecom BridgeIT - a revolutionary new product that allows integration of any legacy PBX system with VoIP, Skype or SIP networks. The amalgamation of VoiceGear into BridgeIT will add immense value to the innovative First Telecom solution.

IndustryDynamics VoiceGear Connect gateway for Skype received the Best of Show Award, and recognized as Best Large Enterprise Solution at ITEXPO East 2009. VoiceGear will enable the Skype integration component of the innovative communication platform. BridgeIT is a centralized solution that is seamlessly integrated with any existing phone system and provides significant savings on telecommunication expenses. First Telecom's enterprise customers will save up to 90% of communication expenses through its powerful VoiceGear Skype enablement capabilities.

Skype has a gigantic user base of close to 500 million registered users, with 30% being business users. At the same time, the standard for Skype use in a business environment is just beginning to take shape. Companies must have an easy to use, centralized, cost effective and reliable solution to save money. With VoiceGear enabled BridgeIT solution, First Telecom will set the standard for Skype use in the European corporate market.
27-05-2009 - IndustryDynamics and pbxnsip announce interoperability success.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, May 27, 2009 -- IndustryDynamics, a provider of award winning Skype for business solutions, today announced the company has successfully completed interoperability testing between its VoiceGear Skype gateways and the newest version of the pbxnsip phone system. This has further enhanced pbxnsip phone system with new features such as website Click-to-Call button, which enables customers to cut 1-800 expenses by accepting incoming calls using Skype directly from websites. In addition, VoiceGear gateways enabled pbxnsip systems to seamlessly access the Skype network, which has grown to over 400 million users in 2009. Read more.
29-04-2009 - Deerfield Communications partners up with IndustryDynamics, officially launches its sales and marketing campaign of the award winning VoiceGear Skype-for-Business gateways.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, April 29, 2009 -- The timing for cost saving technology is now! As the economy continues to face a downturn, companies are eagerly seeking practical strategies to tighten their belts and find solutions that deliver a fast ROI. With VoiceGear, Deerfield is fully equipped to help global SMB and Enterprise customers benefit from the fantastic cost savings and numerous advantages of Skype communication.

Skype's enormous user base presents exciting opportunities to VoIP resellers worldwide. "At IndustryDynamics, our goal is to establish mutually profitable strategic partnerships with VARs and resellers worldwide to ensure quality of service, well-timed delivery and premium support", said Peter Litovsky, Sales Manager at IndustryDynamics. "This partnership will help a multitude of Deerfield resellers throughout the US differentiate and diversify their product lines from the competition and tap into promising new markets and revenue streams." Read more.
01-04-2009 - Award Winning VoiceGear Skype Gateways for Business Help Slash Telecom Bills in the Rough Economy

TORONTO, ONTARIO, April 1, 2009 -- IndustryDynamics, a provider of award winning Skype for business solutions, offers relief with its VoiceGear Connect platform to enable the use of Skype in virtually any business environment. VoiceGear Connect platform allows businesses to talk on Skype using their existing phone systems, without making any changes. With no monthly service contracts and no hidden expenses, VoiceGear gateways can reduce corporate communication expenses by up to 90%. Existing VoiceGear customers are praising the solution for its reliability, great voice quality, and a fast return on investment, typically in under 6 months.

"Corporate decision makers understand the importance of introducing cost saving telecommunications technology in our volatile economic context", said Peter Litovsky, Director of Sales and Marketing at IndustryDynamics. The award winning VoiceGear platform helps SMB and Enterprise customers cut costs and keep operational expenses down, thus reducing the pressure on their bottom line. Read more.
13-02-2009 - VoiceGear Skype Gateways for business won "Best of Show" award at Internet Telephony East 2009

TORONTO, ONTARIO, February 13, 2009 -- IndustryDynamics today announced that VoiceGear Skype Gateways for business have been awarded a prestigious "Best of Show" award for Best Large Enterprise Solution at the Internet Telephony East 2009 Conference and Expo. Having been selected from over 100 vendors, the "Best of Show" award is a true testament to numerous innovative features and tremendous value VoiceGear gateways bring to a business environment.

VoiceGear Skype gateways build on top of a second generation platform and bring the power of Skype to a business environment without sacrificing security or requiring businesses to change existing phone systems. Using VoiceGear, businesses can not only save up to 90% on their communication expenses but also take advantage of such features as Web Click-to-Call and Skype SMS.

VoiceGear is the only line of Skype gateways in the world that can accommodate the demands of large enterprise offering capacities of up to 60 concurrent lines per gateway and providing an extensive API allowing for tight integration of Skype into existing business processes.
02-02-2009 - Sangoma Announces Partnership With IndustryDynamics, Powers Integrated Gateway for Skype

TORONTO, ONTARIO, February 2, 2009 -- Sangoma(R) Technologies Corporation (TSX VENTURE:STC), the premium provider of software centric media and signal processing hardware, today announced it has partnered with IndustryDynamics, manufacturers of an integrated Skype gateway appliance powered by Sangoma voice cards.

IndustryDynamics, makers of VoiceGear, offers an integrated Skype gateway that is entirely plug-and-play into the Internet and PBX, supporting a variety of analog, digital, SIP, and Hybrid PBX systems. The feature set includes free long distance, Click-to-Call by pushing a button on the website, and the ability to send SMS messages through Skype. Read more.

10-01-2009 - IndustryDynamics will participate as a tradeshow exhibitor at the INTERNET TELEPHONY CONFERENCE & EXPO East 2009

TORONTO, ONTARIO, January 10, 2009 -- IndustryDynamics announces its participation as a tradeshow exhibitor at the INTERNET TELEPHONY CONFERENCE & EXPO East 2009. The conference will be held on February 2-4 at The Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, Florida.

IndustryDynamics will offer unique opportunities for solution providers, resellers and distribution partners. Please visit us to see how VoiceGear Connect business solutions for Skype can benefit your company and your customers.

24-11-2008 - IndustryDynamics Announces Innovative VoiceGear SkyBridge Gateways for Small Business

TORONTO, ONTARIO, November 24, 2008 -- IndustryDynamics today announced availability of VoiceGear™ SkyBridge Skype-to-PBX gateway based on the second generation enterprise Linux platform. VoiceGear™ SkyBridge comes in a small, cost effective package geared specifically towards small businesses that want to take advantage of Skype’s low calling rates and improve their business efficiency. Due to the slumping economy and increased pressures to cut costs, businesses need to execute more efficiently than ever before. By deploying VoiceGear™ SkyBridge, small businesses will be able to cut their long distance and international communication costs by up to 90%, improve employee productivity and introduce new innovative communication avenues to interact with local and international customers. Read more.

22-10-2008 - IndustryDynamics Announces 2nd Generation VoiceGear™ Connect Gateways

TORONTO, ONTARIO, October 22, 2008 -- IndustryDynamics today announced availability of VoiceGear™ Connect line of Skype™-to-PBX gateways based on second generation enterprise Linux platform. VoiceGear™ Connect gateways enable medium to large size businesses to leverage VoIP and experience significant savings on communication of up to 90% while preserving their investments into existing telephony infrastructure. Since its introduction, the powerful VoiceGear™ Connect platform for Skype™ has been successfully deployed by governments, international organizations and medium to large size corporate clients. With the introduction of the second generation platform, IndustryDynamics dramatically expands the feature set, scalability, and user experience offered by VoiceGear™ Connect. Read more.

10-03-2008 - IndustryDynamics Announces VoiceGear™ Connect Gateways

TORONTO, ONTARIO, March 10, 2008 -- IndustryDynamics today announced VoiceGear™ Connect, an innovative Skype-to-PBX gateway that will revolutionize the way Skype™ is perceived and used in companies around the world. This powerful, feature-rich device will drive the highly anticipated introduction of Skype™ as a primary medium for long distance communication in the global business community. Read more.

19-02-2008 - Introducing VoiceGear SkyBridge Communicator Gateway

TORONTO, ONTARIO, February 19, 2008 -- IndustryDynamics today announced VoiceGear™ SkyBridge Communicator, a new generation cost effective Skype™-to-PBX gateway that seamlessly integrates with existing office PBX systems. Businesses can now use any office phone to make and receive free Skype™ to Skype™ and ultra cheap international calls over the world's largest Internet communication network. Read more.

18-04-2007 - Introducing New Skype Compatible VoiceGear Products

TORONTO, ONTARIO, April 18, 2007 -- IndustryDynamics introduces its latest addition to VoiceGear line of Internet telephony products - Air Dual Voice Mate. The new VoiceGear dual phone is designed for making regular telephone calls and Internet calls supporting all popular provides such as Skype, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Voice. Air Dual Voice Mate continues our tradition of innovation and further delivers unparalleled value and convenience to our customers.

01-02-2007 - Announcing the Official Launch of VoiceGear Product Brand

TORONTO, ONTARIO, February 1, 2007 -- IndustryDynamics officially launches VoiceGear brand for Internet telephony products. Following the company's rapid growth and expansion, a decision has been made to move development of all Internet telephony products under the newly created VoiceGear brand. IndustryDynamics will continue to focus on development of innovative Skype Enterprise products and will specialize in provision of VoIP telephony services.

04-10-2006 - Announcing New Line of Skype Enabled Appliances for Business

TORONTO, ONTARIO, October 4, 2006 -- IndustryDynamics announces a new line of SkyPBX devices that integrate the power of Skype(TM) and its 70 million active users into your company's existing PBX system. Enable your employees to make long distance calls free or at a minimal cost and allow your customers to reach your employees at no cost with our SkyPBX solutions. Accomplish all of this without changing a thing in your existing infastructure by simply making your existing PBX system VoIP enabled.

24-09-2006 - Announcing New Line of Skype Consumer Products

TORONTO, ONTARIO, September 24, 2006 -- IndustryDynamics announces a top-to-bottom line of consumer devices that integrate with Skype(TM) increasing the power of Internet telephony at your fingertips. Use our Skype phones to place and receive Skype(TM) calls wirelessly or opt for our Skype(TM) telephone adapters that can turn any phone into a Skype(TM) phone and enable a complete set of call forwarding features which can be used for free long distance calling. With this line of devices, you can enable Skype(TM) to perform tasks that were never possible before.

18-05-2006 - All New Corporate Site Released

TORONTO, ONTARIO, May 18, 2006 -- IndustryDynamics corporate site has received the biggest update throughout the company's existense. Essentially, version two represents a complete re-write of our corporate site with a major focus on accessibility. With this update, we enable both customers and partners to find relevant products, services and receive support in the quickest possible fashion. We would like to thank everyone who beared with us during the site upgrade period.
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