27-05-2009 - IndustryDynamics and pbxnsip announce interoperability success.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, May 27, 2009 -- IndustryDynamics, a provider of award winning Skype for business solutions, today announced the company has successfully completed interoperability testing between its VoiceGear Skype gateways and the newest version of the pbxnsip phone system. This has further enhanced pbxnsip phone system with new features such as website Click-to-Call button, which enables customers to cut 1-800 expenses by accepting incoming calls using Skype directly from websites. In addition, VoiceGear gateways enabled pbxnsip systems to seamlessly access the Skype network, which has grown to over 400 million users in 2009.

VoiceGear gateways are fully integrated, plug and play appliances that can be centrally managed and easily integrated into existing pbxnsip phone systems using an industry standard SIP interface. Using VoiceGear with pbxnsip makes calling Skype users as simple as picking up the desk phone and dialing a virtual extension. Now that Skype is available on BlackBerry and iPhone, free calls can be made to/from any mobile staff member located in a Wi-Fi zone, anywhere around the globe. VoiceGear empowered pbxnsip systems help companies significantly reduce their mobile roaming costs.

The combination of these two award winning products brings tremendous value to pbxnsip resellers by providing them with a very unique offering to their SMB and Enterprise customers. VoiceGear platform provides powerful integration API, which can be used to build custom applications using Skype communication or to integrate Skype calling with existing business applications and processes. VoiceGear API further enables businesses to securely access Skype features such as chat and file transfer, effectively removing the need to run Skype on corporate desktops. Pbxnsip resellers and integrators can take advantage of VoiceGear platform to build integrated applications that improve business communication, collaboration and efficiency.

"I'm very excited about the potential that successful interoperability between pbxnsip and VoiceGear gateways brings. Pbxnsip customers now have a powerful new capability in place in the form of Skype connectivity that will cut communication costs and increase productivity" said Peter Litovsky, director of sales and marketing at IndustryDynamics.

Companies running pbxnsip with VoiceGear can expose a single corporate Skype account to the outside world and enable their customers to reach them using Skype as if calling a regular phone number. Behind the scenes, the gateway automatically manages and auto-distributes incoming calls directing them to IVRs, queues, or individual extensions based on pre-defined routing rules. A single VoiceGear gateway can support multiple corporate Skype accounts and route incoming calls to different internal departments or even to distinct pbxnsip installations. As an example, Skype users calling to get support could get a completely different calling experience from those calling the sales department using a single VoiceGear gateway.

About Pbxnsip
Pbxnsip makes SIP-based Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telephone systems. The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is used to talk to attached devices like telephones, PSTN gateways and SIP service providers. The pbxnsip PBX is used to put the components from different vendors together in an enterprise communication system. Customers benefit from a modern PBX feature set that includes mobility support, computer telephone integration, and vendor independency. pbxnsip also respects the security requirements of a business critical application. Customers may run the PBX on Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux-based servers and on embedded appliances. pbxnsip Inc was incorporated in 2005 and is located in Andover, Massachusetts, USA. pbxnsip Europe Ltd was created in 2008 and is located in Leeds, United Kingdom.

About IndustryDynamics
IndustryDynamics offers a complete line of award winning Skype products for consumer, SMB, and enterprise markets. Building on top of the strength of its world-class team, IndustryDynamics strives to provide the best possible products and innovative solutions in order to achieve the most compelling customer experience. Rapid growth of IndustryDynamics is attributed to continuous focus on customer needs and product innovation. Founded in 2005, IndustryDynamics is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.
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