01-04-2009 - Award Winning VoiceGear Skype Gateways for Business Help Slash Telecom Bills in the Rough Economy

TORONTO, ONTARIO, April 1, 2009 -- IndustryDynamics, a provider of award winning Skype for business solutions, offers relief with its VoiceGear Connect platform to enable the use of Skype in virtually any business environment. VoiceGear Connect platform allows businesses to talk on Skype using their existing phone systems, without making any changes. With no monthly service contracts and no hidden expenses, VoiceGear gateways can reduce corporate communication expenses by up to 90%. Existing VoiceGear customers are praising the solution for its reliability, great voice quality, and a fast return on investment, typically in under 6 months.

"Corporate decision makers understand the importance of introducing cost saving telecommunications technology in our volatile economic context", said Peter Litovsky, Director of Sales and Marketing at IndustryDynamics. The award winning VoiceGear platform helps SMB and Enterprise customers cut costs and keep operational expenses down, thus reducing the pressure on their bottom line.

Existing VoiceGear customers enjoy:
  • Free global communication between head office and mobile employees to avoid roaming fees
  • Free communication between all offices, worldwide
  • Free calls from websites to reduce 1-800 expenses and increase sales (Web Click-to-Call)
  • Free phone lines (no monthly fees) to add to PBX and replace expensive landlines
  • Ultra cheap rates for international calling

Litovsky adds: "IndustryDynamics recognizes that cost conscious decision makers are justifiably cautious to replace expensive telephone equipment. That's why VoiceGear is a fantastic way to retain the investment in and add value to existing phone systems in order to start saving money quickly."

In light of the current economic downturn, VoiceGear solutions continue to entice a wide variety of enterprise clients, governments, universities and SMBs. Recently, a university in California has relied on VoiceGear solution to connect new student dorms with their central phone system. This solution has saved the university over ten thousand dollars per month by eliminating the need for separate DIDs in every dorm room. Instead, all incoming calls to students are routed to their Skype accounts wherever they are on the campus.

VoiceGear platform also serves a wide variety of custom solution developers to help them deliver cost saving technologies to the hands of their customers. IndustryDynamics has recently signed agreements with several hosted VoIP service providers to add Skype services to their existing offerings. VoIP providers can now enable their subscribers to call Skype contacts as well as accept incoming calls on their Skype accounts. A major benefit for VoIP service providers is the scalability of VoiceGear Connect. VoiceGear gateways can be scaled from 2 to 60 concurrent calls, or stacked together to achieve a virtually unlimited call volume. As a result, VoiceGear enabled service providers have the flexibility to grow their Skype call capacity on demand.

Bob Robertson, President of a customer service firm based in Miami Beach, Florida says: "Using VoiceGear Connect Enterprise gateway with our legacy Panasonic TDM phone system has helped us cut down our communication expenses by 70% in the first month alone, more than covering our initial investment. We were able to keep our work horse PBX, and enjoy the cost savings offered by VoiceGear Connect without retraining our support personnel."

VoiceGear gateways adapt to any PBX and enable Skype calling on analog, digital, VoIP, or hybrid phone systems. All advanced telephony features such as IVR, three-way conferencing, call forwarding and call transfer already available with your phone system are seamlessly incorporated into Skype calling. VoiceGear sets the bar very high for voice quality and reliability, with its advanced Sangoma echo cancellation and noise reduction hardware. VoiceGear Connect is the most feature rich solution on the market recognized by Skype.

IndustryDynamics is in the process of establishing global distribution and reseller partnerships to help companies around the world benefit from our technology. We are actively searching for telecom distributors interested in carrying VoiceGear Connect gateways. Please visit the IndustryDynamics website at http://www.industrydynamics.ca or contact sales at +1 (866) 648-1811 for more information.

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